User is not able to save selenium test cases.

If Selenium Test Cases does not allow you to save it since you are receiving 500 Internal Server error. Review these steps below:

  1. Ask your system administrator to add the IP addresses below in your profile:

These IP addresses are documented here:

  1.  Once the IP addresses are added, ask your system administrator to give you Read, Create and Edit permission on the salesforce standard object Push Topics. This can be done with a permission set.
  2.  After #1 and #2 are completed, navigate to your org credential for the Training org and authenticate the org credential.
  3.  If you were able to authenticate the org credential, navigate to the Account Summary tab, open the API Key tab and click on Create/Reset. A new API Key should be created.
  4.  If all the steps above are completed successfully, try to create a test case.

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