How to change Template Source Org Credential

The data templates have a limitation where the credential cannot be changed. We are working to support this in the future however if you need to change the source org credential in a data template, you can follow these steps.

Keep in mind that after following the steps below new fields and related objects will appear in the template, and others will disappear if there are data model differences or field/object access differences between the 2 organizations.

1. Log into the new org id. Go to Setup -> Company Information -> Copy the Id in the Organization Id field.
If the org id has only 15 characters, convert it to 18 characters. You can do this using a free online converter.
2. Open the Environment record linked to the Template Source Org.
3. Update the Org Id field with the new org Id.
4. Re-Authenticate the template source org credential by logging in to the new Org
5. Open Data Template, go to Object a fields tab, and click on Refresh. This will sync the template schema with the schema in the new Org. If there are differences in fields and objects, these will be listed in the warnings section. Click Save Template to remove warnings after reviewing them.

If you only need to update the org credential in only one template, you can recreate the template using the new org credential.

Changing the Organization Id field in the environment record is only necessary if the new user belongs to a different environment. If you need to use a different user in the same environment, reauthenticating the org credential with the new user will be enough.

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