Backend Release 2020-08-04

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions


  • Copado now supports Vlocity version 1.12.1.
  • Improved error message which includes the name of the offending template when more than one external Id field is selected in a data template.

Bug Fixes

  • The invalid gender tag included in some objectTranslation files has been removed and now snapshots of custom object translations are working as expected.
  • Field level security for required fields is now removed when you commit a full profile or a normal profile together with a required field. This way, Copado aligns with the standard behavior of Salesforce’s Metadata API.
  • Changes in a profile search layout are now correctly committed.
  • The deployment of records with data templates no longer fails if the Match Owner checkbox is selected and one or more users cannot be found in the source org. These records will be automatically assigned to the deploying user.

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