Summer '21 DX v2.8 - Release Notes

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Thank you for choosing Copado! Keeping up with our commitment towards continuous improvement, we bring you a wide range of exciting new features to our DX product. 

To get the DX solution for Multi-Cloud up and running in your organization, review the Copado DX Solution Configuration Steps article.

Key Features

  • If you have created a package outside of Copado using the regular Salesforce DX CLI, you can import it along with its versions. For more information on how to import a package to Copado, review the Package Import article. 
  • With the  Create Package Version action, you can create versions of your package which you can later install on all your environments. Review the How to Create a Package Version article to start creating versions of your package. 
  • Once you have your package version created with the correct parameters, you can promote a version to released to be able to install it in a production org by using the Publish Package Version action. For more information, review the Package Publish article. 
  • Copado offers an option through the Update Installation Key feature to set and update your package installation key through the UI and store those keys in a secure location on your Salesforce org. For more information on how to set or change the installation key, review the Package Installation Key Management article. 
  • With Copado DX, you have the Distribute Package action which allows you to install a package based on the following scenarios:
    • Environment Based Package Distribution: Allows you to select the package version and the destination environments, even if they belong to different pipelines.  
    • Pipeline Based Package Distribution: Allows you to install the package sequentially in different organizations that belong to a pipeline.

If you want to install a package on different environments or a pipeline, review the Package Distribution article.  

Copado Workflow
  • Commit
    • The Commit Page has been significantly refactored and it supports the following functionalities:
      • Source Tracked dev org to get the latest changes lightning-fast.
      • Retrieve Only feature.
  • Promote
    • When running a promotion, if a problem is detected in the files while merging a user story feature branch into a promotion branch, Copado can resolve it using Smart Conflict Resolution (if enabled) or you can resolve it manually using the Online Confline Resolution, since both features are available to use in DX.  
  • Deploy
    • Folder trimming is applied to deploy only the files you worked on.
  • For Commit and Deploy the following items are applied:
    • Environment variables and Global Find & Replace.
    • File trimming for nested files in source format (e.g. profiles, custom labels, sharing rules).
    • Native source format is used, no conversions.

There are some Known Issues in the current package. For more information review this article.

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