Introduction to Functions

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A function is a script that contains a series of commands and can be executed from Copado. These commands are executed in the Copado backend.

A function can be used in multiple scenarios. Here are some interesting use cases:

  • Run tests in tools that are open source and not available as a cloud service.
  • Deploy to other clouds.


  • You can leverage open-source libraries to generate data, calculate the salesperson traveler problem, invoke a robot framework script, or a Salesforce CLI with many node extensions.
  • You can avoid CPU limits due to large text/image/video/audio or big file processing.
  • You can avoid hitting memory limits due to the parsing of big XML or JSON files.
  • You can access the execution logs to troubleshoot any potential issues further.

Check out the article Functions: Usage, Considerations and Best Practices for more information about use cases.

Now that you know what a function is and the benefits functions can bring to your team, go ahead and check the article Building a Function to see how you can build a function.

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