Exporting Org Difference Results to .csv

Updated 6 days ago by Copado Solutions

Download CSV in New Org Difference

Copado's Org Differences feature allows you to easily resolve org differences.

When all differences are calculated, you can find both at the top and at the bottom of the results grid a button to download results into a .csv file:

Click on Download CSV to download the ViewOrgDiffCSV.csv file.

Download CSV in Existing Org Differences

Whenever you open an existing org difference, you can see the Download CSV button:

By clicking on the Refresh Metadata Index link, you can refresh the org differences in order to get the latest version of your differences:

Bear in mind that that the Download CSV button will be available again only when the refresh is completed. Once this is finished, you can click on Download CSV in order to get the newest version of your Org difference to compare it.

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