What Test Level is applied and where when working with Copado?

The test level in a pipeline connection is only applied when recalculating the pipeline in the Pipeline Manager page.



The Promotion Test Level in the user story is applied when using the Promote & Deploy checkbox. The deployment step for that user story will be created with that value.



The test level in the Deployment Details popup that appears when you click on Create Deployment in a promotion is applied to the Deployment record created from there.



If a deployment is created manually, or if you just need to modify the test level applied from the options above, you can do it from the Test Level field directly in the deployment step.



The test level value selected in the deployment step will be overridden when deploying if the Run all local tests checkbox is enabled in the Environment record of the organization to which you are deploying.



In the table below you can find a summary of the different places you can run Apex tests from as well as the test level that is applied in each case:

User-added image

Additional  Considerations
  • If you are working with Copado Continuous Delivery and the test level on the Apex test automation is different from that on the user story or the promotion, the Git Promotion step will execute one test level and the step resulting from the automation will execute a different test level.
  • If you are promoting multiple user stories in a single promotion, the promotion test level will override the test level specified on each individual user story.
  • The Run all local tests checkbox on the Environment record not only overrides the test level selected on individual user stories or promotions, if this checkbox is selected, Copado will also run all local tests in the destination environment of the deployment even if the promotion doesn’t contain Apex code.

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