Git Snapshot stuck on Sending Callout

When doing taking a full snapshot (aka git backup) you might see that the pop up with the status is stuck on Sending Callout and it's not progressing after several minutes. Whenever that happens check the following:

1. Make sure your organization has enough credits to perform the Git Snapshot operation. You can check the credits in the Account Summary tab. 
- Contact your Customer Success Manager or your Sales Representative to get more credits.

2. Check if the owner of the Git Snapshot record is active. It might happen that you are using a git snapshot that was created by a user that is no longer active. If that is the case, the git snapshot is probably linked to an org credential owned by the same inactive user.
- Activate the owner of the org credential or create a new org credential record and git snapshot with an active user for that organization.

Note: Changing the owner of the org credentials to an active user will not fix the problem.

Warning: Do NOT delete the old org credential or git snapshot as this will cause cascade deletion and the commits on the user stories might be deleted.

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