Release Overview

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A release is a feature that allows you to group user stories to promote them together as well as to keep track of the version of changes that your Salesforce application experiences after every deployment.

The Release record includes the following fields:

  • Release Name: Add a name to your release.
  • Project: Select the project you want to link to your release.
  • Status: This field will indicate the status of your release, which can be Draft, Planned, Released or Cancelled.
  • Version: This field allows you to better track the events when new changes are delivered into production. This value is typically a Major (e.g. v7), Minor (e.g. v7.3) or Patch (e.g. v7.3.2) release.
  • Planned Date: Date where your release is planned to go live.
  • Description: Add more details about your release.
  • Base Branch: All user story feature branches are created out of the main branch of the pipeline. If a release base branch is specified, all the feature branches of the user stories linked to the release will be created out of the base branch.

For additional information and a step-by-step process about how to create a release, refer to the article How to Create a New Release.

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