Installation Instructions for Copado Analytics

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  1. Log in to the org where you have Copado installed and click on the install link.
  2. It is recommended that you select Install for Admins Only.

Permission Sets

Copado Analytics will include several permission sets depending on the level of access your users should have. Assign the right permission set to the relevant users:

  • Copado Analytics Data Admin
    • The Data Admin Permission Set has to be assigned to the user who will be authorizing the DevOps Analytics connection. The user MUST have a valid org credential and API key for the org that will be authorized.
  • Copado Analytics User

Layout Adjustments

User Story

The User Story record type and the Bug record type include different fields and should have a different page layout:

  • User Story Layout: Add the Lead Time (text), First Ready to Promote Time and First Time Promoted to Production fields to this layout.
  • Bug Layout: If you don’t have a separate layout for the Bug record type already, create a new layout based on the User Story Layout and add the Elapsed Time to Resolve (text), Severity, Found in Promotion and Business Disruption Failure? fields to this layout. Do not forget to assign the profile to this new layout.

Edit the Promotion Layout and add the Caused Business Disruption? and Destination is a Production Org? fields.


Edit the Environment Layout and add the field Production Org?

Additional Adjustments

Navigate to the Environment record that corresponds to your production organization and check the Production Org? field.

For additional guidance and assistance to get Copado Analytics up and running in your organization, please reach out to your customer success manager and a member of our professional services team will be able to assist you.

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