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An epic is a large user story that needs to be split up into smaller user stories prior to its implementation. Epics are typically user stories that are far off on the development horizon, usually lower priority items.

How to Create an Epic

Epics can be created at any time, however, they are usually created prior to a project because they represent broader requirements but don’t have specifics yet. As the project is created, user stories can be added to the appropriate project.

To create an epic, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Epics tab and click on New.
  2. Fill in the relevant information:
    • Epic Ref: Reference number that is automatically populated.
    • Epic Title: Give your epic a relevant title (e.g. Community Page Enhancement).
    • Epic Details: Add more information about the different items that are going on as part of the epic (e.g. Improve the self-registration page and enhance the look and feel).
    • Status: This field defines the current status of the epic. You can choose from the following options: Draft, Planned, In Progress, Completed and Cancelled.
    • Release: Add the release to which your epic is linked.
  3. Click on Save.

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