Why do I see multiple deployments in my Salesforce Environment?

Sometimes, when you log in to your target Salesforce environment, you'll notice that there have been additional deployments than the one present in Copado (in other words, the Copado deployment record). These additional deployments happen caused because: 

  1. Copado performs trial and error fixes to resolve issues arising out of non-existent components: 
    • In the case of Full Profile or Permission Sets.
    • During the Translation step.
  2. Destructive changes are effected on the Salesforce target environment in two deployments:
    • The first deployment updates references to deleted components in Profiles, PermissionSets, Objects, etc. 
    • In the second deployment, the component is deleted from the target environment.
  3. When you click on the "Run All Tests" button on the Credential record, Copado will create an empty deployment using "test level = RunSpecifiedTests". In other words, no components are deployed when Apex Test classes are run, and hence, you will see the deployment in your target environment but no deployment records in Copado.

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