User Story Overview

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A user story is an element used in Agile software development that contains a description of a requirement from an end-user perspective. With this user story description, you can describe the role or type of user, what you want to achieve and why.

E.g. As a customer, I want to be able to save my credit card details so that I don’t have to enter my card details every time I purchase on the website.

User stories include a short, simple and complete description of the user’s needs as well as enough relevant information as to be implemented by developers during a sprint.

Characteristics of a Good User Story

A good user story is INVEST:

  • Independent: User stories should be self-contained, independent of other user stories.
  • Negotiable: You should be able to make changes to a user story and rewrite it until it is implemented in a time box.
  • Valuable: Each user story should deliver a business value to the user.
  • Estimable: You should be able to estimate and determine the size/effort of a user story.
  • Small: User stories should be small enough to fit in a time box.
  • Testable: User stories need to provide information that is necessary for testing, i.e. to make the development of tests possible.

For more information about user stories and how to create them, please visit the articles How to Create a User Story and Relevant Fields on a User Story.

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