Summary of Overlapped Metadata in the Promotion

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

The Promotion User Story Metadata related list in the Promotion is intended to display the User Story Metadata Index records. This helps you review and check if there are any potential conflicts among your metadata items and also know which metadata was auto-resolved by Copado when the feature branches of the user stories being promoted were merged into the promotion branch.

The Search box allows you to search in the Metadata, User Story, Status and Last Modified Date fields.

The promotion will mark the User Story Metadata item as Auto-resolved in the Status field if there was a conflict, otherwise, the merge was a Git merge.

The column with the merge result is only available once the promotion deployment has been created. The two possible values for the overlapped items are "Git merged" with a Git icon and "Auto-resolved" with a Copado icon. The higher number will be displayed in green and all the other ones in grey.

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