Copado Data Deploy

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Copado Data Deploy: User-based license that allows you to configure a data set deployment by using point-and-click data templates.

License details: This license gives you access to unlimited data and templates for CPQ, nCino and others.

Roles/users: Developers, release managers, data migration users.


  • Create data templates and save them to reuse them at any time.
  • Easy-to-use query builder.
  • Leverage our pre-built CPQ and nCino data templates.

Additional Information

  • If you want to add a template to a user story deployment task, you also need a Copado User license. With the Copado User license you will be able to move your user story to other environments in your pipeline except for production. To also be able to deploy to production, you will need an Admin license.
  • If you are using data templates in an org-to-org deployment, i.e. you are using the data deployment wizard or a multi-step deployment, you will also need an Admin license.

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