API Enabled permission is required to work with Copado

When working with Copado, your user must have the "API Enabled" permission enable if you are going to perform tasks that will require a connection with our backend server. The list below contains some examples but there are more jobs that require access to the API:

- Authenticate/validate org credentials.
- Commit on user stories or git snapshots.
- Promote user stories.
- Deploy metadata.
- Run static code analysis, compliance hub scans or test classes from the org credential or user stories.
- Run Snapshot differences.
- Refresh the cache before committing on user stories.

Basically anything that requires a connection with our backend server will require your user to have access to the API. 

Jobs where a connection with an external tool is required will also need the API access enabled even if they don't run in our backend, for example the integration with Jira or Azure.

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