Backend Release 2021-10-13

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • Copado now supports PMD v.6.38. For more information about the new rules included in this version, check out the article New PMD Rules.

Bug fixes

  • If a profile in Git has the access set to true for CustomPermission and CustomMetadataType components and the access is removed in the org, the commit of full and normal profiles is now set to false in the feature branch (KI-00484).
  • When deploying Vlocity components of type IntegrationRetryPolicy the following error message is no longer returned: ERROR [ ] Unknown type name 'IntegrationRetryPolicy' specified in package.xml (KI-00487).
  • If the field Git Merge Status value in the user story is Git provider could not determine, the Static Code Analysis and the Run Apex Test jobs are executed correctly (KI-00495).
  •  If there are conflicts in static resource files when merging the branches, the Copado auto-resolve process no longer fails (KI-00492).

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