Conflict Resolution in Copado

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When there are multiple developers contributing to the same project, oftentimes there are merge conflicts, specially given that Salesforce metadata is mostly based on XML, and Git handling of those file types is not optimal.

Copado always tries to do a Git merge first to combine changes with an existing version of a file. However, when a Git merge is not possible, Copado offers several options to handle these conflicts:

  1. Copado Conflict Auto-Resolution (aka Auto Resolve): Copado will auto-resolve conflicts with a certain logic depending on the selections and user story order. For more information about this type of conflict resolution, please check out the article Conflict Resolution with Git Integration.
  2. Online Conflict Resolution: This feature allows you to exclude specific file types from auto resolve, and manually resolve conflicts during the user story promotion process.

In order to avoid manual work in future promotions, Copado will apply the resolution again if it finds the same conflict (Smart Conflict Resolution). For more information about online conflict resolution, please check out the article Online Conflict Resolution. If you want to learn more about smart conflict resolution, please take a look at the article Smart Conflict Resolution.

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