Selenium Overview

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Selenium is a portable framework that is usually used by QA testers and engineers to test web applications. It is an open-source tool that can be utilized to automate the tests carried out on any web browser.

Copado Selenium Testing allows you to record, store, run and schedule Selenium tests within Copado. You can record data-driven tests once and run them securely on any org using OAuth.

If you are using Copado Continuous Delivery, you can add Selenium tests as a quality gate and check whether your changes are ready to be deployed or not. For more information about this option, check out the article Pipeline Configuration.






Single line on a test case that represents a particular action.

click copado=button:Save


Named column with values for a test case which can be selected on a test suite.

UK and US for two sets of Account information.

Test Case

Set of commands and datasets.

Create Account

Test Suite

Matching of commands and datasets in a Case, and execution of Apex pre/post test.

Create Account, Create Opportunity, Add Products

Test Run

Executions of a Test Suite, in a Org Credential with the given Selenium Settings.


Test Result

A single execution of a Test Run.

Run SUITE on org-user ORG.CREDENTIAL, using browsers SETTINGS

Test Group

A group of test suites to be executed in parallel in one or more environments, as one or more users (Org Credentials).


Selenium Settings

The virtual machine Webdriver URL provider, the platform(s) where you want to run the tests and other options.

Quick Settings

Special Selenium settings that can be used to quickly test the Test Case. Choose a single platform and the Org Credentials of the org where the tests are being recorded.


Org Credential

The Salesforce Org and the user/profile that will be used to run the tests.


The Salesforce Orgs, each one associated with one or more Org Credentials.


Replacement text variables for the test case, dataset and pre/post Apex code. They can be Global or Group variables.

{!NS} {!RUN_ID} {!Environment.ENDPOINT} {!Group.PriceBookId}

Bind Extension

Associate the installed extension with the Org that runs Copado so that the browser knows where to load/save the test cases.



Low level API to interact with a remote browser.


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