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With this plugin you can add a build step to your Jenkins project that executes a Copado Webhook API task. You would add this step once your Copado setup is finished. Once the Copado Webhook is triggered, the plugin will wait for the job run to complete (or time out). If the job step is successful, your pipeline will continue to the next step in your pipeline, however, if it fails (or times out), the build will be marked as failed.


  1. Search for the Copado Plugin within your Jenkins plugin administrator.
  2. Install it.
  3. Restart Jenkins.


  1. Webhook URL: Review Webhook API
  2. API Key: In order for the plugin to start the job and check on the status (via the Copado Webhook API), it requires an API key. To create an API key login to your Copado account and navigate to the Account Summary tab. Then click on the API Key sub-tab.


  1. Open your project configuration from the Jenkins dashboard.
  2. In the Build section, click on Add build step and select Copado Webhook.
  3. In the Webhook URL field, paste in the URL and make sure that Salesforce ids and API key parameters are set. Paste in the API key from above in the API Key field.
  4. Save your Jenkins project.

Support for Git Webhook Payload

When using a Webhooks to trigger a Copado task in Jenkins, if you need to pass the payload from your Git server to the Copado Jenkins task, you will need to create a string parameter called payload. Copado will then read the parameter and pass it through the Copado build task.

  1. Add the parameter to the project.
  2. Set the name as payload.
  3. Finally, make sure that you POST the payload to the parameterised jenkins job URL: {server}/job/{project_id}/buildWithParameters in your Git server.


  • Jenkins dashboard with multiple Copado tasks:

  • Step detail:

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