Calculation Base for the Release Management Page

Updated 7 hours ago by Copado Solutions

If you are in Summer '19 or later, please refer to the Pipeline Manager article.

In Copado v12, we introduced a new default calculation logic for the Release Management page based on user stories.

The initial calculation is really quick, since all the user stories are already in the instance, and if you validate any user stories within the page, you can then click on Refresh to update the status of the environments. As a result, you no longer need to use the Recalculate button in all the environments, thus saving a lot of time.

If you click on Validate Selections, you will be redirected to the promotion page, where you can track your validation deployment from the Deployments related list.

If you are in an older version of Copado, check out the article Copado Branch Management: How Does It Work?

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