Export or create Report of the list of components in a deployment.

When deploying with Copado, you can see the list of components to be deployed from the deployment record. Currently there is no way you can create a report or export into a csv file the list of components.

The list of components is displayed in the deployment record using a VisuelForce Component. The VF component is taking the list of components from an attachment named "MetaData" in the Git Promotion Deployment Step.

If you are on v12, you can access to the Deployment Step by clicking on the eye icon the Git Promotion Deployment Step.

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If you are still on v11, you can follow the steps below to access the Git Promotion Deployment Step.
  1. Copy the deployment record Id
  2. Go to the home tab.
  3. Remove home/home.jsp from the url.
  4. Paste DeploymentId?nooverride
  5. You are now in the standard layout for Deployment record, overriding the Visualforce page.
  6. In the Steps related list, click on the Git Promotion step name.
Once you are in the deployment step record, you will see the Notes & Attachments related list with the MetaData attachment which contains the list of components in that deployment.

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The list of components is on JSON format so you might need to work with that file a little bit to get a clean list of the components in a different format.


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