Rollback FAQs

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What license do I need to perform a rollback?

  • Copado Admin.
  • Copado User, if you are trying to roll back in any environment other than Production (Copado Users cannot deploy to production).

When I click the Rollback button for the promotion, why do I see the error message “The required files were not found by the backend”?

There might be three possible reasons for this:

  1. There was an issue when creating the backup files.
  2. The files were deleted by a user or an automation that you may have. Therefore, we recommend you to check your organization's recycle bin.
  3. You have enabled the rollback feature in that environment after the date of the deployment you’re trying to rollback. Therefore, the necessary files to execute a rollback for this deployment are not available.

Why am I unable to start the rollback?

The rollback can only be started when:

  • The Promotion’s destination environment has the Enable Rollback checkbox enabled.
  • If in the Promotion’s last deployment there is at least one step supported for rollback (Git Promotion, Delete Metadata) whose status is “Completed Successfully” or “Completed With Errors”.
  • If Rollback Index and Rollback zip files are related to the above-mentioned step types.
  • If the destination org is validated.

How do I provide my feedback on the Rollback feature?

It's great that you asked! We would love to hear about your experience. Here are a couple of ways you can head to our community center:

  • Head to our Rollback feedback group directly in the Copado Success Community.
  • Use the feedback link available in the Rollback wizard.
  • Use the feedback link available in the Rollback step.
  • For an overview of the rollback functionality, scopes and supported capabilities, outcomes and other considerations, please refer to the Copado Rollback article.
  • If you want to roll back changes by running snapshots differences, please refer to the Rollback Based on Snapshot Differences article.

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