Property 'XXXXXXXX' not valid in version 46.0 Deployment error

After the recent Copado's backend release 46 you might receive the deployment errors below.

Error Messages Example:
  • Property 'enableChangeDataCapture' not valid in version 46.0
  • Property 'encrypted' not valid in version 46.0

This happens since Salesforce stopped supporting some values in custom fields, like "encrypted" or "enableChangeDataCapture". 

Recommended Workaround:
Replacement Rules:
  1. Navigate to your Pipeline ( Previously called Deployment Flow).
  2. Click on the Find and Replace Rule Editor button.
  3. Incorporate the following Regex expression to your YML (Click to View YML File).
  4. Save the YML.
  5. Deploy again.

You can also use one of the auxiliary  workarounds:
  • Recommit the affected components, so that value is cleared. Please, bear in mind that there could be work in progress so that, you should review the Pull Request.
  • Edit the XML in the Git repository to remove the unsupported tags.
IMPORTANT: Bear in mind that Copado works with Attachments instead of Files. If you are a Lightning Experience user, the files uploaded in this interface will be uploaded as a "file" by default even if the checkbox “Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments” is unflagged in your setup. You need to temporarily change to Classic interface, upload the file as an attachment and return to Lightning Experience or upload the file using the developer console.

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