Backend Release 2019-10-29

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions

Bug Fixes

  • Report components are now committed correctly in full snapshot backups.
  • Copado now ignores blank spaces in test class definitions so that tests are run correctly in the deployment.
  • Components that have not been committed in a user story will no longer be added to the User Story Metadata related list when files are auto-resolved as a result of the merge of the feature branch into the promotion branch.
  • ‘Catalog’ Vlocity components can now be deployed.
  • Commits and snapshots are now being stopped if there are compliance rules with findings and the action is set to Abort Process.
  • Compliance scan results are now correctly generated in a user story when there are other components in addition to Apex classes.
  • The data deployment error when upserting records has been fixed.
  • Custom object translations are now correctly deployed.

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