Full profile deployment triggers sharing rule recalculation multiple times.

If the deployment of full profiles or permission sets fails due to missing components in the target org, Copado will fix the xml file in the promotion branch and will try to deploy the full profile or permission set again. 

What happens if the deployment contains more components apart from the full profiles and/or permission sets?

In that case Copado will try to deploy all of them, even if the profile or the permission set were the only components returning errors. 

It might occur that your deployment contains a sharing rule. The deployment of a sharing rule will trigger the recalculation of the sharing rule in the target org. If the deployment is retried several times due to the full profiles or permission sets, the sharing rule will also be deployed several times, casing multiple recalculations in the target org.

We'll be working throughout the upcoming months on improving and reducing the full profile retries what will reduce the impact of the scenario described on this article but on the meantime we recommend to deploy full profiles and sharing rules in different deployments.

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