Create a Sprint

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A sprint (or iteration) is a time-boxed period during which a team needs to complete a certain amount of work (user stories). The duration of the sprint is set in advance and usually ranges from one week to a month, a two-week period being the most common.

Create a Sprint

Let’s go ahead and see how you can create a sprint in Copado.

  1. Navigate to the Sprints tab and click New:
You can also create a user story from the Sprints related list on the Project record.
  1. Give your sprint a name.
  2. Select the project to which the sprint will be linked.
  3. Set a start and an end date. Bear in mind that sprints shouldn’t be longer than four weeks.
  4. Select the release to which the sprint is linked.
  5. Add a goal. Sprint goals are important to keep everyone focused on what they need to accomplish during the sprint:

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