Copado Selenium IDE Release Notes

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Release 2.1.5

  • The Copado Recorder binding is no longer lost when you restart your browser or your computer.

Release 2.0.0

  • Selenium smart locators now work in v48.
  • The Selenium search command now works with Einstein search.

Release 1.8.4

  • The Copado frame locator is now working as expected with Selenium.
  • The Selenium issues related to log a call have been fixed.

Release 1.8.0

  • CPQ support. For more information, check out the article Selenium Testing CPQ.
  • Improved Lightning experience support.
  • Improved UI&UX, Lightning support of up to 50 datasets.
  • The typeKeys command supports all ASCII keys.
  • Multiple bug fixes and minor improvements.

Release 1.7.x (Beta)

  • Datasets changed the behavior. Existing test cases will perform as usual, but a warning to upgrade shows up in the recorder/editor.
  • New commands: clickIfVisible, clickIfExists.
  • When editing test cases, comments are highlighted (marked in blue), for easier identification.
  • Potentially troubling variable names in store* commands are detected and underlined in red.
  • The names of the parameters for each command is suggested in the corresponding column.
  • Long lines in the test results are shortened. By hovering on them you can see the full value.
  • Multiple bugfixes and minor improvements.
  • Improved documentation.

Release 1.5.x

  • Improved Lightning Design System support.
  • Vastly improved frame/iframe recording.
  • Improved multi-window management.
  • shorter css locators, and broader copado=XXX locator support.
  • limited support for date/time and rich text fields (lightning and classic).
  • Salesforce Console App support.
  • Numerous improvements in recording support.
  • Optional interactive pointer of locators in the IDE (when a locator in param1/target column is selected, the locator will be highlighted in the page).

Release 1.x.x

  • Salesforce classic support, standard fields and visualforce details.
  • Salesforce Setup support (for admin automation tasks).
  • Limited Lightning Design System support.

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