Backend Release 2020-08-18

Updated 1 year ago by Copado Solutions


  • Copado now allows you to add @debug to the deployment name so that the deploy zip file is attached to the Deployment record and you can review the results and troubleshoot the issues. The attached file will be named Deploy-{deploymentJobId}.zip and will be attached as a Lightning file.
  • When a Vlocity deployment fails, Copado now displays in the deployment result grid the Vlocity components that were successfully deployed so that you can see the items that failed as well as those that were deployed.
  • Performance improvement when calculating differences and committing changes with the Snapshot Differences feature. 

Bug Fixes

  • Now, when a custom settings deployment fails because the custom settings are not found (e.g. the deploying user doesn’t have access to the custom settings they are trying to deploy in the source org), Copado displays a tip with information about the error so that you can troubleshoot it.
  • Static code analysis results are now correctly generated when you run static code analysis on an org credential.

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