Backend Release 2021-08-03

Updated 5 months ago by Copado Solutions


  • The Deploy a Promotion webhook now includes a parameter that exports the zip file that contains the logs with the deployment results.

Bug Fixes

  • When removing a custom permission from a profile, the custom permission is now removed from the feature branch (KI-00185).
  • When deploying profiles with custom or standard objects and select them as retrieve only, the following error message is no longer returned: "Error trimming objects/Case.object : Source '/tmp/df69ec0fd1bc4c38adfc6aad09d45655/retrieve/objects/Case.object' does not exist" (KI-00281).
  • The ExperienceBundle component is now supported in the Exclude From Auto Resolve multi-select picklist field  (KI-00397).
  • Reports committed as retrieve only are no longer pushed to the feature branch in Git (KI-00429).
  • The name of the PersonAccount record type from a managed package is now displayed properly in the metadata grid (KI-00421).
  • Copado is now using only one method to retrieve the metadata components when doing the full snapshot and when calculating the differences (KI-00431).
  • Experience bundle subfolders are now deployed correctly (KI-00447).
  • When you run a compliance scan, the Metadata Name column in the findings now displays the correct value (KI-00361).
  • Copado no longer throws the error message “Component failure:'[ Main/Test_email_Templates] An object 'Main/Test_email_Templates' of type EmailTemplate was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory'” when you deploy two or more email templates, dashboards or reports and the name of one of these templates, dashboards or reports contains the name of the other (KI-00440).
  • The translation file is now correctly trimmed in the promotion (KI-00437).

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