Qentinel Pace is Now Copado Robotic Testing

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Copado Robotic Testing (previously Qentinel Pace) is a cloud-based automation and analytics product. It is a cross-platform SAAS product that can be used by you to automate testing or tasks for applications running on the web, mobile, and native desktop operating systems. The advanced analytics platform known as Quality Intelligence® provides you with rich visualization and deep insights into your software quality.

To access Copado Robotic Testing, all you need to do is visit https://robotic.copado.com/. The authentication to the service happens either by using your Azure AD or Copado Robotic Testing specific credentials.

There are two possible ways to deploy Copado Robotic Testing depending on your needs: cloud and on-premises.

Knowledgebase for Copado Robotic Testing

As we work on migrating all knowledge articles on Copado RoboticTesting onto our documentation site, go to Copado Robotic Testing documentation to learn more about Copado Robotic Testing.

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