Process Builder Integration

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Copado is constantly innovating and leveraging Salesforce functionalities to empower users with a release management platform.

Copado's process builder integration will help Copado admins and release managers define criteria that will fire automatically any of the available Copado jobs in the org.

To set up your process builder integration follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup > Create > Workflows Process > Process Builder.
  2. Create a new process.
  3. Select when to start the process, and set up your criteria.
  4. Create an immediate or scheduled action.
  5. Select Action Type = Apex.
  6. Set an action name.
  7. Select one of the invocable methods in the picklist.
  8. Fill in the required fields and save.

The list of invocable methods from the process builder is the following:

  • Calculate Org Differences
  • Calculate Snapshot Differences
  • Commit User Story
  • Deploy a Promotion
  • Execute Deployment
  • Invoke Continuous Integration
  • Invoke Run All Apex Tests for an Org
  • Invoke Selenium Test
  • Invoke Selenium Test Group
  • Org Compliance Scan
  • Org Static Code Analysis
  • Recalculate Branch Status
  • Recalculate Deployment Flow Status
  • Refresh Org Metadata Cache
  • Run User Story Test
  • Snapshot Compliance Scan
  • Take a Git Snapshot
  • User Story Compliance Scan
  • User Story Static Code Analysis

The full list of available invocable webhooks can be found in Copado's API documentation.

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