Data Deployment Wizard

Updated 5 days ago by Copado Solutions

As part of Copado Data Deploy, Copado has included a new option in the Deployment wizard that allows you to easily deploy data templates.

Follow the steps below to create a data deployment using the wizard:

  1. Navigate to the Deployments tab and click on New.
  2. Select the Data Deployment record type and click on Next:

  1. Give your deployment a name and click on Save:

  1. Select a source org. You can type the org name in the Search bar or select one org from the list of available options:

  1. Next, select a destination environment and click on Confirm Target to move to the next step:

  1. Select a data template and click on Confirm Selection. You can choose one from the list of available options or type in the name of the data template you want to deploy in the Search bar:

On this screen, you can also hover over the org credentials selected as source and target to get more details or click on them to navigate to the Org Credential record:

  1. Finally, you will get to the Deployment Overview screen, where you can see a summary of your deployment:
    Deployment Overview screen
    1. You can click on the selected data template to open it in a new tab or navigate to the data template org by clicking on the template source org name.
    2. If you want to ensure your data is deployable before actually executing the deployment, you can click on Validate Deployment. Once the deployment has been validated, a message with the result will be displayed so that you can troubleshoot any potential issues:
      Validate Deployment button

  1. Once you are ready to deploy your changes, click on Start Deployment. You will be taken to the deployment progress screen:

Deployment Progress screen


If your deployment has been successful, a table with a summary of your deployment will be displayed. If you are using Copado's record matching functionality to generate a value for the external Id field, the results table will display the number of Ids that have been generated:

Otherwise,  if your deployment has failed, you will get to the Deployment Failed screen where you can get more details about the error:

On this screen, you can find the Restart Deployment button. Once you have fixed the deployment error, you can click on this button to quickly restart your deployment.

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