Data Deployment Wizard

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We've added the Data Deployment feature under the Deployment wizard to let you perform deployments using Data Templates

Deploying a Data Template is a four-step process where you'll need to create a New Deployment using Data Template and:

  1. Add Name
  2. Add Source and Target orgs 
  3. Select Data Template 
  4. Start Deployment

Let's go through them step by step.

New Deployment: Data Template

  1. Navigate to Deployments > New.
  2. From the New Deployment dialog, select the Data Deployment record type and click Next.
  3. Enter a name for your deployment that lets you differentiate between various deployments.
  4. Click Save.
Fields marked * are mandatory.

Add Source and Target Orgs

  1. From the Add Name & Source dialog, select the source org and click Confirm Source.
    You can enter the org name in the search bar or select your org from the list.
  2. Select the destination environment from the Add Target dialog, where you want to perform the deployment, and click Confirm Target.

Select Data Template

From the Select Data Template dialog, choose your data template from the list of data templates and click Confirm Selection

  • You can enter the Data Template name in the search bar or select your org from the list.
  • You can hover over a source or target name to view the credential details. 
    • You can click on a credential name to navigate to the credential record.
  • You can click Review Filters to edit or add a filter. You’ll be redirected to the Confirm Data Filters Dialog where you can:
    • Remove existing filters. 
    • Add new filters by clicking Add new parameter.
    • Click Reset Filters to revert to the original filter configuration.
    • Click Confirm Data Filters to proceed with the deployment.
The changes you make in the Confirm Data Filters dialog will apply to the current deployment only. It will not override the original filter configuration in the data template. 

Deployment Overview

You can see the summary of your deployment from the Deployment Overview dialog.

The Deployment Overview dialog lets you:

  • View/Edit the following: 
    • Source and target orgs by hovering over the org names. 
    • Selected data template by clicking the external link icon.
    • Relationship Diagram between different parent and child objects. You can also find out if a data template has any filters or will deploy attachments. 
    • Template Schema Credential by clicking on the schema credential name.
  • You can validate your deployment before you begin the deployment process to avoid disruptions. 
    • You’ll see a message once your deployment is validated along with the validation status. 
    • You can troubleshoot any potential issues by clicking Show warnings.

Start Deployment

When you’re ready to deploy your changes, click Start Deployment. You’ll see a Deployment in Progress dialog. 

  • If the deployment has run successfully, you’ll see the Data Template Completed Successfully dialog with the deployment summary. 
  • If you’ve used Copado's record matching functionality to generate a value for the external Id field, you’ll see the number of Ids generated. 
  • If your deployment has failed, you will see the Deployment Failed dialog along with the error message and tips to resolve the same.
    • Click Restart Deployment once you have fixed the deployment error. 

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