Backend Release 2019-08-14

Updated 2 years ago by Copado Solutions


  • We are now running Metadata API v46.
  • The copado__Commit_Datetime__c field in the Git Commit object is now supported in Summer ‘19.
  • Copado now supports PMD version 6.16.0. For more information, check out the article New PMD Rules.

Bug Fixes

  • When working with destructive changes, the custom objects that include in their names the name of the custom object that is being removed are no longer deleted in Git.
  • Custom settings deployments are now working as expected, and user Ids, profiles and org Ids are correctly mapped to their corresponding values in the destination org.
  • The External CI Job Result is no longer showing a Failed status  when the build in Jenkins is successful.
  • When taking a full snapshot, full permissions are now also retrieved.
  • Einstein bot components can now be deployed with Copado.
  • Copado now returns the 'INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS: use of the Metadata API requires a user with the ModifyAllData or ModifyMetadata permissions” error message when a user that doesn’t have access to the metadata API tries to refresh the metadata grid in an Org Credential record.

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