Backend Release 2020-08-11

Updated 1 year ago by Copado Solutions


  • Copado now supports Metadata API version 49.
  • Null values can now be deployed with Copado Data Deploy. For more information about this behavior change, check out this PDF document.
    Please make sure you follow the steps provided in the attached PDF document before trying to deploy null values. Otherwise, you may encounter the following error: "Unable to create/update formula fields check security setting for profile as these fields are updated by formula".
  • Compliance Hub rules have been updated to match Metadata API version 49.

Bug Fixes

  • The Type and Verify Value Selenium commands are now working as expected.
  • The issue with full profile commits due to a new tag introduced in Metadata API v49 has been resolved.
  • Test classes are now correctly retrieved so that Apex tests can be run on user stories.

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