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Copado DX and Salesforce DX

Copado DX is a feature built on top of Copado Change Management and Copado Branch Management. It offers a point-and-click framework that will allow you to fully use the CLI commands without even having to open up a terminal. From creating DX project templates and packages to commit and promote, Copado will handle all the hard work for you.

Benefits of Working with Copado DX

  • The use of packages allows you to test and develop a group of features or applications independently from other features in your Salesforce orgs.
  • You can use unlocked packages to create automations and customizations on top of your existing AppExchange applications.

Copado DX and Copado Branches

With Salesforce DX, there is a new metadata structure, and Copado can handle it.

We have introduced two new types of branches specifically for this:

  • project/DX-123456789012 (branch that is created when metadata is loaded to a scratch org and contains all the commits of the related user stories).
  • project/DX-123456789012-remote (branch that is also created when metadata is loaded to a scratch org and updated every time a source status is done in the DX Operation Panel. This branch will always have all the pulled metadata of the scratch org, which can be later loaded into another scratch org).

Copado DX and Package Repositories

Packages is a Salesforce DX concept, therefore they must be stored in the DX structure. In order to do this, Copado does a conversion of a Metadata API structure and holds the whole package inside a specific repository. We call these 'Git packages' and they can be loaded to any scratch org just by selecting the parent organization.

Whenever a package element is promoted and is part of a release, Copado automatically tags the related branch (usually master for a package repository).

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