Data Masking

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What Is Data Masking?

Data masking is a security technique that allows you to hide sensitive information and replace it with modified or random data.

This technique is especially useful if you are working with data deployments. You can remove information from sensitive fields such as credit card numbers, addresses or telephone numbers while moving data to a sandbox and ensure you comply with security regulations. This way, your developers will have test data without compromising sensitive information.

Data Masking with Copado Data Deploy

Copado Data Deploy offers several options to conceal sensitive data.

Once you have an overview of the objects that you are going to migrate in your data deployment, the first thing you need to do is identify the fields whose value you want to hide.

Let’s say you want to deploy accounts and contacts. You may want to disguise contacts’ phone numbers and addresses before deploying the records:

Field Content Update Options

To do this, there are different options available in the Field Content Update drop-down menu:

  • Scramble Value: If you select this option, Copado will keep the same number of characters as in the original value but will replace these characters with random values.
  • Scramble With Format: When you select this option, Copado replaces the numbers and letters in the original value with random values but does not replace special characters such as @, &, etc.
  • Replace Value: Enter a random value, and Copado will replace the original value with it.
Please note that for fields that always have a format, such as email address or phone, only Scramble With Format and Replace Value will be available.

To sum up, you can leverage this feature included in Copado Data Deploy to safely move data across your orgs and be fully compliant with any data regulations or policies implemented in your company.

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