Data Masking

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What Is Data Masking?

Data masking is a Copado Data Deploy security feature that lets you hide sensitive information and replace it with modified or randomly generated data. You can mask data from fields containing sensitive information like credit card numbers, addresses, or telephone numbers before moving it to a sandbox and staying compliant with security regulations. Your developers can use your existing data for testing purposes without compromising on sensitive information.

Data Masking with Copado Data Deploy

Copado Data Deploy offers several options for concealing sensitive data. Once you finalize the objects that you want to migrate in your data deployment, you’ll need to identify the fields that contain sensitive information. 

Let’s say you want to deploy Accounts and Contacts using a data template. You can mask the Phone and Address details via the Object Fields tab under the data template.

You’ll see different options under the Content Update dropdown next to the Field:

  • No Update: data values will be deployed as-is.
  • Scramble Value: the number of characters remains the same as that of the original value, however, the character values are replaced by randomly generated values. 
  • Scramble With Format: numbers and letters in the original value are replaced with random values while retaining special characters such as @, &, etc.
  • Replace Value: you can replace the original value by providing a specific value.
Fields with a specific input format like email or phone, you’ll only be able to view only two options under the Content Update dropdown:
- No Update
- Replace Value
- Scramble With Format.

To sum up, the Copdo Data Deploy feature lets you move data safely across your org and be fully compliant with all data regulations or policies implemented in your company.

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