Backend Release 2021-09-28

Updated 3 months ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • When PMD is run from a user story, only the violation results found in the current committed changes will be displayed.
  • Copado now supports Vlocity version 1.14.11.

Bug Fixes

  • When a profile is committed with the Full Profiles & Permission Sets operation selected, the access to the custom permissions and custom metadata types are now successfully pushed to the feature branch in Git (KI-00474).
  • When a pull request in GitHub is opened from a user story in Copado, the Git Merge Status field is no longer set to Conflicts Detected when the pull request does not have any conflict (KI-00481).
  • Copado is now deploying Flow Translations correctly into the destination environments (KI-00483).
  • AWS CodeCommit repositories must now be authenticated with HTTPS Git credentials instead of Access Keys (KI-00485).
  • On each pull request, a pull request review record is created per approver in Copado. In this release, each pull request review record will be created with the Review Action field set to Approval to indicate that there are pending reviews. When the last pull request review record is created, the Review Action field in this record will be set to Approved (KI-00486).

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