Deployment Step: Full Profiles

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The Full Profiles deployment step lets you deploy a profile with all its properties from one org to another using the Metadata API.

The term full profiles is used due to Copado doing a full description of your org, in order to make sure that every single property of the profile is included in the deployment. Profile properties include user permissions, field level security, object level security, tab visibility, record type visibility, layout assignments and more.

During the deployment, profiles are automatically cleaned by removing any components that do not exist in the destination org (by retrying) and preventing the deployment from failing. The engine retries until it gets a successful deployment or gives up after 100 retries.

To deploy specific properties of a profile instead of the entire profile, you can use the MetaData step, where the specific properties of a profile that get deployed will be relative to the set of metadata included in the same step (e.g. custom fields, custom objects, record types, layouts, etc).
Some limitations are imposed by the API, for example tab settings are not deployable. For more details, please review the Metadata API documentation.

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