BETA: Backend Upgrade 2017-08-21

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Key Features

  • Server Metadata API upgrade: we have upgraded to Salesforce Metadata v40
    • More supported Metadata types will be automatically available. 
    • IMPORTANT: Salesforce Permission sets behaviour changes:
      • Please read carefully the following Salesforce article.
      • When performing Org to Org deployments the entire permission set will be retrieved and it will replace the target entirely, this means that incremental deployment for Permission sets is not possible with out pre processing of the permission sets.
      • When using Copado Branch Management (CBM), Copado will merge the incremental permission set changes coming from multiple streams and deploy the resulting merged permission sets, therefore incremental permission set deployments are still possible.
      • With CBM + Copado Change Management (CCM) running on v39 Copado deploys only the incremental permission sets e.g. only the FLS of a User Story. With CBM + CCM running on v40 Copado must deploy the entire merged permission set, otherwise Salesforce revokes all the other permissions that are not part of the deployment. This means the permission set will be deployed on the target exactly as in Git, which is the predictability that Salesforce is trying to achieve with this change.
      • Additional reading:

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