Creating a Git Package

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If you have already completed all the DX requirements and have gone through the Packages article to learn more about packages, you can go ahead and create your package.

To create a Git package, follow the steps below:

  1. Create an empty Git repository in your Git server and initialize it.
    Use the same name for the Git repository both in your server and in the Package record.
  2. Create a Git Repository record in Copado with connection details to the previously created repository.
  3. Open the Packages tab, click on New to create a Package record.
    1. Select the Git Package record type and click on Next:
    2. Give your package a name and select the credential of the environment that holds the metadata. 
    3. Select the repository created for the package and click on Save:

  1. Once the package has been created, open the record and click on Manage Metadata.
    1. From the metadata grid, select the metadata you want to include in the package.
    2. Click on Save

If you are working with tags in Copado releases, your packages will be tagged accordingly.  

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