Deploy Commits

Updated 1 week ago by Copado Solutions

Copado allows you to create a deployment directly from a Git Repository record.

To create a deployment from a Git Repository record, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to an existing Git Repository record.
  2. Click on Create Deployment:

  1. Select an initial commit. You can filter commits by using the From Date and To Date fields:
  2. Select an end commit:
  3. On the next screen, click on Create Deployment.

Copado will create a Deployment record with a Git MetaData step that includes all the committed files within those commits and will use the last commit as the source. Optionally, if there are deleted files, a Delete MetaData step will be created as well.

What to Do When Tracking Other Folders

If you have other files within the Git repository that have nothing to do with the Salesforce metadata to be used for deployments, Copado will ignore them so that your builds won't break.

Copado will do its best to locate your Salesforce root folder within your repository using different techniques. Nevertheless, if Copado can't figure it out automatically, you can set the Copado root folder by simply creating an empty file named copado_root in the deployment root folder.

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