Jira On Premise

Updated 11 months ago by Copado Solutions

When working with the Jira integration, Copado offers you the possibility to access Jira on premise.

The setup process should be the same as that for Jira online. However, you will first need to follow the steps below to grant Jira access to your servers:

  1. Enable (whitelist) the requests coming from Salesforce public IP addresses (ARIN IPs only).
  2. Establish a public IP address for the on-premise Jira environment.
  3. Open port 443 for the Salesforce IP addresses.
  4. Allow Jira’s https URL to be accessed by Salesforce’s IP addresses.
  5. Create a system user that can access Jira with a username and a password.
Please note that the SSL certificate associated with the Jira server cannot be self-signed. It must be issued by a trusted SSL certificate authority.

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