How to Migrate From the Open-Source Copado Change Management Integrations Package to the Unlocked Package

Updated 1 week ago by Copado Solutions

To migrate from the old Change Management Integrations unmanaged package to the new unlocked package, you need to do several exchanges before uninstalling the old one, since both have same-named components. 

Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow:

  1. On the Project layout:
    1. Exchange the old package’s Copado Integration Setting field for the new package’s Copado Integration Setting field. Please, make sure that this new field on your Project is pointing to your existing Copado Integration Setting record.
    2. Exchange all of the custom fields from the old package to the custom fields of the new package: 
      1. JQL Extended Filter
      2. Project External Id
      3. Copado Integration Setting
      4. Enable Logs
      5. Team Info
      6. Enable Community Users
    3. Exchange the old package related lists for the new package related lists:
      1. Field Mappings
      2. Callout Logs
    4. Exchange the following buttons from the old package to the buttons in the new package:
      1. Sync External User Stories
      2. Sync User Stories with Sprints
    5. Import the new Field Mappings to your Project. The current Field Mappings are available for download in the DevOps Exchange section in our Success community.
You can map only the fields that are included in the default mapping. Adding extra fields to that mapping is not supported by Copado.
  1. If you have any scheduled jobs you need to delete them before uninstalling the old package and set them up for the new package.

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