Copado Branch Management (CBM)

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Copado Branch Management (CBM) allows users to keep Salesforce orgs' metadata and Git branches effortlessly in sync. With Copado Branch Management, running multiple work streams in parallel is easier than ever before.

License details: CBM is a feature-based license (not user dependent). This license establishes the connections between orgs to form a sandbox landscape, and the connection between Salesforce orgs, 1 CBM license is required. Because actions performed using this license type do not consume credits, this license also does not add to the monthly credit availability. To commit or add metadata and release features across the sandbox landscape, Copado User or Copado Admin licenses are required.

Roles/Users: Feature-based license to establish a sandbox landscape. However, Copado users need as a base.


  • Link your sandboxes to create a base for advanced Copado functionality 
  • Represent git branches visually to create an overview and deployability status.
  • Webhook enabled: Automatically recalculate the differences based on events.
  • Validate Git merges: Continuously test if your branches are mergeable.
  • Validate merge deployments: For each mergeable change, Copado will validate an incremental deployment (check only).
  • Sync branches: For each validated deployment, sync feature will deploy the incremental change and push the merge commit to the repository, so that keeping salesforce and Git in sync easier than ever before.
  • Access Copado User functionality from your sandbox overview to promote and back promote user stories (individually or in bulk) with their metadata and related deployment tasks.

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