Deployment error LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Try deploying again.

The deployment failed after taking a long time and we received the following error: 

LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Try deploying again. Your deployment exceeded its maximum retry limit. If you keep seeing this error, please contact Salesforce Customer Support.

 This error occurs when reaching the limit of attempts to deploy the package.xml file to the target org. Therefore, the deployment will be canceled and the deployment will fail.


Where is it very common to see this error?

This error is very common to see when deploying with the Full Profile and PermissionSet feature since Copado auto solves all the errors it finds and tries to deploy again until it reaches the limit of attempts. In these cases, it is advisable to deploy again since all the errors that were corrected in the first attempt to deploy will be resolved and Copado will continue to resolve and deploy until they are all finished. If after several attempts the deployment continues to fail, contact Copado Support.


 If you obtain this error in another type of deployment please contact Copado Support.


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