Backend Release 2021-03-30

Updated 9 months ago by Copado Solutions

Key Features

  • Copado now supports Vlocity version 1.13.6

Bug Fixes

  • When selecting delete metadata as a deployment step in a snapshot difference, the following error message is no longer returned: Failed to send request to https://${​​​​​sf.fromUrl}​​​​​/services/Soap/u/50.0 (KI-00345). 
  • The auto resolve functionality now removes references from permission sets to items that have been deleted with destructive changes (KI-00357).
  • The following fixes have been made when working with a repository in DX Format:
    • You’re now able to use the Add Commits button on the user story (KI-00358).
    • Permission set groups and transaction security policies are now added to the Git repository when you take a full snapshot (KI-00363).
    • When deploying classic email templates or dashboards and their folders, the following error message is no longer returned: [Email Template XXXXXX] Cannot find folder YYYYYYYY (KI-00372).
  • Copado no longer throws an error when you commit a profile with access settings for login flows (KI-00384).

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