Introduction to Copado Essentials

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Since we all know that the hardest part of building on Salesforce is managing deployments, Copado is happy to present the solution to make Salesforce deployments fast, simple and intuitive: Copado Essentials. 

You can deploy changes directly from one org to another or use work items to move them across a pipeline. Work items are very useful and help formulate a consistent release process with good control and governance when you have large and complex teams.  Take a quick look of the overall deployment process using Copado Essentials: 

Copado Essentials


  • Deploy across unrelated organizations including production orgs, sandboxes and developer edition orgs.
  • Version control and backup of your metadata.
  • Continuous Integration and automation of your deployments.
  • Line-by-line code review in which every member in your team is in sync with the changes in progress.
  • Clone and reuse inbound change sets with just one click.  
  • Fast metadata selection with smart filtering and grouping.
  • 100% Cloud based.

Log in and get started in minutes for free. For more information about this product, review Copado Essentials documentation.

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