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The metadata grid is a compilation of all the metadata components available in a Salesforce org displayed as rows. Each row in the grid represents a metadata component.

When committing changes to a user story, Copado displays a metadata grid with all the components included in the org linked to that user story through the org credential. This metadata grid  allows you to effortlessly find and select the components you want to commit, thus making the commit process much simpler.

Let’s take a look at the different columns and elements you can find in the metadata grid:

  1. All Metadata: This tab will display all the components available, whether they have been selected or not.
  2. Selected Metadata: This tab only displays the metadata components you have selected.
  3. Selected: Mark the Selected checkbox to select a component you want to commit and later deploy.
  4. Retrieve Only: This checkbox can be used to provide incremental permissions, such as field level security, object level security or tab visibility, for instance, to profiles and permission sets. Components marked as Retrieve Only will not be committed or deployed.
  5. Name: This column includes the API name of the components in the metadata grid.
  6. Type: This column includes the different metadata types of the components. By default, all metadata types are selected, however, you can deselect them all and just select specific metadata types you are interested in to make your search easier.
  7. Last Modified By ID: This column displays the name of the users who have last modified a component and can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  8. Last Modified Date: Here you can see the date a component was last modified. You can sort this column in ascending or descending order.
  9. Created By:  This column shows the name of the user who set up the org with the components or created a particular component.
  10. Created Date: Here you can see the date the component was created.
  11. Select All: By clicking on this button, all the components in the metadata grid will be selected.
  12. Unselect All: By clicking on his button, all the components you have selected in the metadata grid will be unchecked.
  13. In the bottom right corner of the grid, you will find a few options to easily navigate through all the components in the org. You can input the number of the page you want to navigate to in the Go to page box, change the number of rows to be displayed in the Show rows drop-down menu or display the next or previous rows by clicking on the forward and back arrows.

The metadata grid offers different filtering options and features to make the selection much easier: 

  • There is a drop-down option that allows you to change the filtering method in the Name, Created By and Last Modified By columns:

  • You can filter the Last Modified Date column by date to just display the components that were modified on a specific date:

  • When you manually type the name of a metadata component in the Type column, this component is highlighted in the drop-down menu:

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