Backend Release 2021-01-18

Updated 1 year ago by Copado Solutions


  • Copado now supports PMD version 6.30. This new version of PMD includes the following changes:
    • Updated Apex support: The Apex language support is included in metadata API version 50 (Winter '21). All new language features are now properly parsed and processed. Especially the Safe Navigation Operator is now supported.
    • New rules: OperationWithLimitsInLoop. This rule finds operations in loops that may hit governor limits such as DML operations, SOQL queries and more.
    • Deprecated rules: The Apex rules AvoidDmlStatementsInLoops, AvoidSoqlInLoops and AvoidSoslInLoops are deprecated in favour of the new rule OperationWithLimitsInLoop and will be removed with PMD 7.0.0.

For more information about these changes and the instructions you need to follow in order to get your rules updated, check out the article New PMD Rules.

Bug Fixes

  • The Salesforce session is now renewed during large Vlocity deployments that take several hours to complete (KI-00312).

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